Tooth Extraction in Bonita Springs, FL

tooth extraction | bonita springs flWe have one primary goal, and that is to serve you with the types of treatments that restore and maintain your oral health. Removing a tooth is never our first choice, but there are times when extraction is the only option for protecting your overall oral health and avoiding further discomfort in the future.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

We want you to feel fully informed about all your options before we decide to remove a tooth. There are a number of circumstances where Dr. Michael Gostigian may recommend removal of a tooth:

  • A tooth has grown in at an odd angle and threatens the position of other healthy teeth.
  • A broken or decayed tooth is too damaged to be repaired with a root canal or similar procedure.
  • In the case of advanced gum disease where extraction is needed to save the gums and the rest of the teeth.
  • We’re preparing for orthodontic treatment and need to remove some teeth for the best results.
  • A wisdom tooth has erupted in such a way that it compromises surrounding teeth.

We Care about Your Concerns

Dr. Gostigian has the skill and training necessary to perform gentle, comfortable tooth extractions. Every member of our team is focused on you and your concerns. We understand how intimidating a procedure like tooth extraction can be, so we’ll be with you every step of the way to support and encourage you.

tooth extractions | bonita springs flIf you’re a little intimidated about your visit, don’t worry! We’re used to helping our apprehensive patients, and we’ve stocked our office with loads of stress-reducing amenities like flat screen TVs, pillows, and even warm scented towels to add comfort to your experience.

We’ve found that our gentle approach and concern for our patient’s well-being are usually all that’s needed to help them get through a procedure like tooth extraction comfortably and with minimal stress. If you need a little extra help, though, we’re also pleased to offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation so you can remain relaxed during your procedure.

Post-Procedure Recovery in the 34135 Area 

Extraction is typically performed using local anesthesia, and we’ll use a high-strength numbing gel to make sure you’re completely numb before your injection. Dr. Gostigian is skilled at delivering injections that are as gentle and comfortable as possible.

A simple extraction has a fairly short recovery time, and we'll send you home with a list of after-care instructions that will promote faster healing. In general, we recommend that for a day or two after extraction you plan to eat soft foods, like yogurt and soups, that don’t require chewing. Avoid drinking through a straw because the sucking action increases your risk for bleeding and other complications.

Call to Get the Help You Need

If you’re concerned about the condition of a tooth that’s causing you discomfort, please call us to schedule an examination. We offer emergency treatment, so please call our Bonita Springs dental office if you are in pain. We can get you the relief you need as soon as possible.