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We provide patient-focused dentistry, which is about more than just high-quality care and effective treatments. Those are two very important parts of what we do, but what sets us apart from other practices is our commitment to your complete comfort and concern for your well-being. From the moment you first enter our Bonita Springs office, you’ll know that you’re not in an ordinary dental practice. First impressions are important, and every detail of our office reflects our desire to make your visits with us pleasant and free of stress. With amenities like complimentary beverages in our reception area and flat screen TVs in our treatment rooms, we know you’ll have one of the most relaxing dental visits you’ve ever experienced.


Don't Let the Flu Put Your Oral Health at Risk!

Don't Let The Flu Put Your Oral Health At Risk | Bonita Grande Dental

When you’re sick, the last thing you want to think about is the importance of your oral health.

We understand. You aren’t expected to practice perfect dental care when you’re feeling under the weather, but you should definitely keep it in mind.

To make things a bit easier for you, Bonita Springs dentist Dr. Michael Gostigian has come up with some simple suggestions for caring for your dental health when you’re not feeling well:

  • Brushing and flossing may seem like a chore, but you would be surprised how much better a clean mouth makes you feel. You know how a shower can pick you up when you don’t feel well? Just think of ...

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How to Care for Your Toothbrush

How to Care for Your Toothbrush | Bonita Grande Dental

Do you know how to care for your toothbrush? You rinse it thoroughly after brushing and place it back in the holder near your sink. That’s it, right? 

We hate to break the news, but there’s no other way to say it – your toothbrush is, well, gross. It only takes a couple of days for your “pristine” toothbrush to become infected with disease-causing bacteria, fungi, the virus responsible for hepatitis and, we’re sorry to inform you, fecal particulates. 

What can you do? Bonita Springs, FL dentist, Dr. Michael Gostigian, would like to share some tips for caring for your toothbrush. 

Before we start, the first thing to do is to run to ...

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Whiter Teeth in 3 Simple Steps

Whiter Teeth in 3 Simple Steps | Bonita Grande Dental

There is nothing that will ruin your self-confidence like stained, dull, or discolored teeth. But why hide your smile when teeth whitening at our Bonita Springs office produces such beautiful results? We know your best smile is just around the corner. Not sure how to get there? Here are three simple steps you can take to turn in your tired smile for a more youthful appearance. 

Get Ready – Professional Cleaning

It is essential to have a professional cleaning before your teeth whitening treatment. Since whitening gel has to come into direct contact with your dental enamel to be effective, starting with clean teeth just makes sense. This is also a good ...

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Could You Benefit From Teeth Whitening?

Benefits of Teeth Whitening | Bonita Grande Dental

Is your smile making the first impression you are hoping for? Did you know that your smile is one of the first features people notice when they meet you?

If your smile has dulled over the years, an update with teeth whitening may be just what you need! Bonita Grande Dental can help because we offer professional teeth whitening in Bonita Springs.

Take-Home Whitening

Dr. Michael Gostigian and his team offer convenient take-home whitening trays so you can whiten your teeth at your leisure, based on your own schedule, and update your smile anytime you like! We find this is the most effective way to achieve the results you desire because ...

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Beneficial Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dentist

Beneficial Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dentist | Bonita Grande Dental

Finding a dentist in Bonita Springs, FL can lead to many questions. Here are some beneficial questions you should be asking when choosing a dentist for yourself or your family.

What is Your Treatment Philosophy?

This is an important question based on your goals for your smile. Some dentist have a preventive philosophy, choosing to address dental conditions when they are early, so you can avoid bigger problems in the future. 

At Bonita Grande Dental, this is how we approach dental care for our patients. We will customize a preventive dentistry treatment plan to help you stay healthy.

Do You Provide In-House Service for Most Treatment?

Our dental team is experienced with procedures like root ...

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Common Questions People Ask About Dentures

Common Questions People Ask About Dentures | Bonita Grande Dental

Top 3 Questions Patients Ask About Dentures


1.        Doc, I’m sick of my teeth.  Will it be better to just go to dentures?

      A. We hear this a lot from patients. The answer to this varies on a case-by- case basis. For a person with poor oral health, dentures may be better than their natural teeth. At first, dentures tend to be uncomfortable and have a steep learning curve.  It’s not as simple as taking out your teeth, popping in the denture, and going to your favorite steakhouse that evening.  You will need to re-train yourself on speaking and eating before you feel completely ...

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Extending the Life of Your Fillings

Extending the Life of Your Fillings | Bonita Grande Dental

Have you ever had a filling?

The CDC estimates that 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. will have a cavity at some point in their life, so the chances are pretty good.

Once your filling is placed, you might think you never have to worry about it again. Unfortunately, while white fillings placed by Bonita Springs dentist Dr. Michael Gostigian can last a long time, they typically don’t last forever.

By keeping up good habits, however, you can extend the life of your fillings to protect your teeth.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

Studies show that composite resin (tooth-colored) fillings, on average, last about 10 years. This is comparable to the ...

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