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We provide patient-focused dentistry, which is about more than just high-quality care and effective treatments. Those are two very important parts of what we do, but what sets us apart from other practices is our commitment to your complete comfort and concern for your well-being. From the moment you first enter our Bonita Springs office, you’ll know that you’re not in an ordinary dental practice. First impressions are important, and every detail of our office reflects our desire to make your visits with us pleasant and free of stress. With amenities like complimentary beverages in our reception area and flat screen TVs in our treatment rooms, we know you’ll have one of the most relaxing dental visits you’ve ever experienced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Teeth Whitening

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When it comes to your dental care, you have a right to ask questions. At Bonita Grande Dental, we believe that the only silly question is the one that goes unasked. You're not expected to be an expert in your dental care – that's our job! But there are often decisions to be made about certain treatments where you need to feel like you can turn to a trusted source who has your best interest at heart.

Patient education plays a huge part in the services we provide, and we take the time to thoroughly answer your questions while you're in our office. But there's always one more question that comes to you, so we've listed a few that we tend to hear more often. If yours isn't listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us, and a helpful member of our team will do everything possible to help you find the answer you need.

Teeth Whitening

professional teeth whitening | bonita springsProfessional teeth whitening is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to brighten your smile. If your teeth are yellowed or darkened by years of tobacco use, drinking coffee and tea, or another culprit, teeth whitening can give you a standout smile again. But as you consider your options in Bonita Springs, FL, you may wonder if teeth whitening is safe.

The answer is yes, particularly if you take advantage of professional teeth whitening through your dental office. Unlike store-bought kits, professional teeth whitening has these advantages:

Custom-made whitening trays

A tray that fits your upper and lower arches precisely provides more protection. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth, which a dental lab will use to create your trays. These custom-fit trays will protect your gums from the whitening gel and provide a more uniform application.

Prescription-grade whitening gel

The whitening gel that your dentist uses provides a faster whitening effect and, as a result, shorter treatment time. The professional whitening gel also gives more reliable teeth whitening for tough stains, so you can be sure you’ll see the results you want.

Professional guidance

After taking your history and discussing your goals, your dental team will help you determine the right shade of teeth whitening. Then they’ll give you individualized instructions for using your professional teeth whitening kit. You can ask questions anytime and feel confident that your teeth will be brighter and whiter in just one to two weeks.

teeth whitening | brighter smile | bonita springsWe tell all our patients that if there’s one thing that will dramatically improve the appearance of a healthy smile, it’s professional teeth whitening. The procedure's easy, affordable, and produces results that will make you want to show off your beautiful smile!

At our Bonita Springs dental office, we are pleased to offer professional take-home teeth whitening. But don’t confuse professional kits with those you buy over-the-counter. Our teeth whitening treatment is superior in every way to store-bought kits!

What Your Teeth Whitening Kit Includes

Your professional kit includes a custom-made whitening tray to deliver the fastest, most even whitening results. Store-bought kits include a generic or boil-and-bite tray that does not produce consistent whitening.

We also provide you with a prescription-strength whitening gel to get your teeth whiter faster than gel purchased over-the-counter. And you don’t have to wear our whitening trays forever to see results. Use your custom tray and whitening gel every day for two weeks, and you will see results similar to that of an in-office treatment!

If you’re thinking of having a professional teeth whitening treatment, please call our Bonita Grande dental office. We will be happy to arrange a cleaning so we can help you decide if professional whitening is right for you!

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