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We provide patient-focused dentistry, which is about more than just high-quality care and effective treatments. Those are two very important parts of what we do, but what sets us apart from other practices is our commitment to your complete comfort and concern for your well-being. From the moment you first enter our Bonita Springs office, you’ll know that you’re not in an ordinary dental practice. First impressions are important, and every detail of our office reflects our desire to make your visits with us pleasant and free of stress. With amenities like complimentary beverages in our reception area and flat screen TVs in our treatment rooms, we know you’ll have one of the most relaxing dental visits you’ve ever experienced.


At Bonita Grande Dental, we invest in technology to make your dental treatment safer, easier, and more efficient. We don't believe in a lot of gadgets, but we do believe in using modern dental technology to improve your oral health. Contact our Bonita Springs dentist office at (239) 301-2713 if you have questions or would like to schedule your next dental exam!

Assistant providing a dental x-ray at Bonita Springs dentist office

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a type of dental imaging that allows us to send images directly to a computer for storage. During your dental exam, our dentist can view the digitally perfect images on a computer monitor. We can then share the image with you so that you see what we see, making it easier for you to understand why your treatment is necessary. Digital images are also safer for you because they significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure.

Digital x-rays offer several other advantages over traditional film x-rays. For example, the software allows us to enhance and enlarge the image, which helps our dentist see even the tiniest changes, which might not be noticeable visually during your routine dental exam in Bonita Springs. Digital images can also be shared electronically with a specialist or a new dentist if you move. Finally, digital images are better for the environment since we don’t have to dispose of the potentially hazardous materials used with film x-rays.

Cone Beam Computer Tomography

A cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) scanner allows Dr. Gostigian to take a 3D x-ray of his patients.  This information assists Dr. Gostigian with procedures like wisdom tooth extraction and placement of dental implants in Bonita Springs. Using this technology, Dr. Gostigian is able to visualize your unique bone structure and plan out the surgery.  He is able to see vital structures and plan the optimal placement of your dental implant.  This allows your dental implant treatment to be less invasive, and more efficient, resulting in a faster healing time.

Dr Michael Gostigian using VELscope for oral cancer screening in Bonita Springs FL


Oral cancer is quite aggressive, and this is made worse by the fact that it often goes undetected until it has advanced. As part of every dental exam at Bonita Grande Dental, Dr. Gostigian conducts a thorough oral cancer screening that includes the use of technology called a VELscope. This small instrument is designed to help us painlessly examine your mouth, lip, and gum tissue for any signs of cancerous or precancerous lesions.

Survivability rates increase dramatically when oral cancer is found in its earliest stages, and the VELscope allows us to detect problems long before they become noticeable during a dental exam.

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