Snap-In Dentures in Bonita Springs, FL

Traditional dentures are a cost-effective solution for replacing teeth; however, they do have drawbacks.  These include sore spots, denture looseness, difficulty chewing, awkward social situations, and inhibited speech.  These problems are very common with traditional dentures.

A snap-in denture contains special fittings that attach your denture to either 2 or 4 dental implants.  They are a stable, comfortable alternative to traditional dentures that will return you to a functional, confident smile in no time!

A snap-in denture will give you much greater chewing power, allowing you to enjoy more of your favorite foods.  Because your dentures will be securely fastened to your dental implants, you will avoid those awkward social situations of your denture falling out.  You will also avoid the discomfort of a denture constantly rubbing against your gums, as well as reduce or eliminate the gagging associated with an upper denture.

Bonita Grande Dental offers a personalized experience which leads to a faster, more comfortable return to proper oral health.  Using state of the art software, we will plan your case, and before long, you will be ready to enjoy the benefits of a stable, snap-in denture.  You will enjoy eating more of your favorite foods, have fewer sore spots, and confidently smile and laugh without worrying about your denture falling out!

Options for Snap-In Dentures

Upper or Lower Snap-In Denture with Four Implants

This 4-implant option is also removable and is even more stable than the two-implant option.  Eat anything you want! 

4-Implant Snap-In Denture in Bonita Springs, FL   Back side of 4-Implant Snap-In Denture at our 34135 dentist office


Lower Snap-In Denture with Two Implants

The snap-in denture is removable to allow for easy cleaning and is the most affordable option available.  However, it is not as secure as the other options, so there may still be foods you will be unable to eat. 

2-Implant Snap-In Denture at Bonita Grande Dental   Back side of 2-implant snap-in denture in Bonita Springs, FL

We also offer fully fixed implant bridges. These are the most stable options and are perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance, non-removeable, and permanent prosthesis

Your Consultation for Dentures at Our Bonita Springs Dentist Office

If you are interested in replacing missing teeth using snap-in dentures, we welcome you to contact our dentist office in Bonita Springs, FL! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gostigian to determine if snap-in dentures are the right treatment for you.