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Don't Accidentally Ruin Your Whitening Treatment!

March 22, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Michael Gostigian
teeth whitening | Bonita Springs dentist

If you have recently had a professional teeth whitening treatment – in-office or with a take-home kit – you probably love the difference a bright white smile makes to your life. You feel great about the way you look, and friends and co-workers are drawn to you because your confidence radiates to others.

Now that you have invested in your smile, you probably want to enjoy the sparkling benefits for as long as possible. If you would like to get the most from your teeth whitening treatment, here are a few steps you can take to maintain the brightness of your smile.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene

Your daily brushing routine plays a big part in the whiteness of your smile. Brushing removes a lot of the plaque that sits on your teeth and dulls your smile. It’s not a bad idea to carry a travel-size toothbrush with you so you can brush during the day after you consume coffee, dark tea, red wine, or any other food or beverage that stains teeth.

Avoid Staining Foods

This sounds obvious, but there’s a long list of foods and beverages that you may not be aware stain your teeth. These include curries, tomato sauces, soy sauce, and many more. You don’t need to cut these foods out completely, but be prepared to rinse thoroughly or brush after consuming them.

Stay Current with Cleaning Appointments

An affordable way to keep your smile bright and protect your oral health is by maintaining your semi-annual cleaning appointments. Your dentist or hygienist will polish your teeth after your cleaning, and the abrasive action can help refresh the whiteness of your smile.

Please Call Us to Arrange an Appointment

Lots of patients who are interested in teeth whitening in Bonita Springs call on Dr. Michael Gostigian to brighten their smiles. Any professional whitening treatment at our office includes tips and advice for keeping your smile bright and beautiful. So if you're thinking about teeth whitening in Bonita Springs, please, call us today!

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