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Common Questions People Ask About Dentures

October 16, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Michael Gostigian
Sets of full and partial dentures in North Naples FL

Top 3 Questions Patients Ask About Dentures in Bonita Springs, FL

Dr. Michael Gostigian, DMD of Bonita Grande Dental has provided some answers to questions patients commonly ask about full and partial dentures. 

1. I’m sick of my teeth.  Will it be better to just go to dentures?

      A. We hear this a lot from patients near North Naples. The answer to this varies on a case-by- case basis. For a person with poor oral health, dentures may be better than their natural teeth. At first, dentures tend to be uncomfortable and have a steep learning curve.  It’s not as simple as taking out your teeth, popping in the denture, and going to your favorite steakhouse that evening.  You will need to re-train yourself on speaking and eating before you feel completely comfortable wearing dentures. This can take days for some people and months for others.

2. My grandparents had dentures and my parents had dentures, so I’m probably going to end up in dentures too, right?

      A. Not necessarily.  The chief component starts with YOU and how much you value your oral health.  Dentures are usually only recommended when teeth cannot be saved, and form and function must be restored.  If you maintain your oral health and see your general dentist regularly, you can easily break the cycle!  It’s never too late to improve your oral health.  In most cases, saving at least some of your teeth and getting a partial denture is still a much better option than a full denture.

3. I have dentures and they always fall out?  Any tips to help them stay in place?

      A. A lot of this depends on your bone structure.  Upper dentures tend to be more stable as they have the “suction” from the roof of your mouth.  Lower dentures don’t have anything to “suction” to and must contend with your tongue. Most patients find that some sort of denture adhesive, such as Poligrip®, works well.  The best option, however, is to have two dental implants placed, which can attach to the underside of your denture, allowing it to remain stable.

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