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Common Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

November 10, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Michael Gostigian

We offer gentle therapy in a supportive environment if you need a root canal in Bonita Springs, FL. But what are the signs you have a dental infection?

Early tooth root infections can be subtle. You may only notice a bit of tooth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold foods or drinks. But this can change quickly, and the symptoms can be painful, prompting an emergency dental visit.

In rare cases, you may have no symptoms, which means the tooth nerve is damaged or the infection is emerging.

Let’s look at a few common symptoms indicating infection.

#1 Toothache or Increasing Sensitivity

With root canal infection, subtle discomfort can escalate to excruciating pain quickly, which is why we recommend contacting our dental office at the first signs of distress. Toothaches let you know something is wrong, and we want to help.

#2 Face and Gum Swelling

With root infections, you can have significant face and gum swelling. Even mild oral swelling indicates you should contact your Bonita Springs dentist for guidance.

#3 Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration is not always present but signifies a problem, notably infection. Therefore, it’s best to let your dentist know as soon as possible.

#4 Bump or Blister on the Gum

A bump or blister on the gum strongly suggests tooth root infection. In some cases, the blister may drain inside the mouth. Always contact your dentist!

Lowering Root Infection Risks

Excellent oral hygiene and regular dental care are the best ways to keep oral infections away. These practices also lower your risks for gum disease and tooth decay. Unfortunately, sometimes root infections result from oral injury. Therefore, we recommend reporting dental injuries to a member of our compassionate staff.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Bonita Springs, FL

Without intervention, oral infections can spread to other teeth and even lead to tooth loss. So if you have a toothache or other unusual symptoms, we encourage you to contact our dental team today to arrange a visit with the dentist.

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