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How to Cope When Your Temporary Tooth Crown Falls Off

February 5, 2020
Posted By: Bonita Grande Dental
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If you’re getting new dental crowns in Bonita Springs, FL, you will have several dental appointments across the span of a few weeks. An outside dental lab designs and creates your tooth crown, so it’s standard to wait a few weeks while they finalize your permanent dental crown.

In the interim between your first tooth crown appointment and your final tooth crown appointment, our Bonita Springs dentist will fit you with a temporary tooth crown. Although it’s always ideal for your tooth crown to stay firmly in place until the permanent replacement arrives, it’s not abnormal for a temporary tooth crown to fall out. 

Treating a Loose Dental Crown

If your temporary crown fell off, don’t panic. These tooth crowns are, after all, temporary. Our Bonita Springs dentist intentionally doesn’t make your temporary dental crown to be as durable or to attach to your tooth as permanently because your temporary crown needs to come off easily so we can place your permanent crown. 

We never want to use a bonding material that’s too strong when we place your temporary tooth crown, which means it inevitably might come loose while you're wearing it. 

Do you have a temporary crown that fell off? Follow these steps to keep your tooth safe:

  • Call our dentist office right away so we can get the details and determine how to best proceed.
  • See if you can temporarily reattach your tooth crown using toothpaste or even just your saliva.
  • If you cannot reattach your crown, remove it to avoid swallowing it.
  • Rinse the area around the top of your tooth that was exposed after the dental crown fell off.
  • Avoid hot, cold, or crunchy foods while your natural tooth is exposed.

Unless you’re scheduled to receive your permanent crown the very next day, we will need to replace your temporary tooth crown with another. You shouldn’t try to “wait it out” or live with no temporary dental crown because by doing so, you risk damaging your tooth even more.

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