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Before You Drink, Think about Your Dental Health

January 15, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Michael Gostigian
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A recent article published in the British Dental Journal discusses the affect that alcohol has on oral health. It was found that there are several areas where alcohol impacts your oral health, including oral cancer, bad breath, tooth wear, and periodontal disease.

The Effects of Alcohol on Oral Health

  • Oral cancer: Evidence shows that a significant risk factor for oral cancer is alcohol consumption. Estimates indicate that more than 30 percent of all oral cancer cases worldwide can be attributed to alcohol use.
  • Bad breath: A significant association exists between increased consumption and bad breath. While more research needs to be done to establish a connection, bad breath is often attributed to increased dry mouth, a lack of proper oral hygiene, and increased risk for periodontal disease.
  • Periodontal disease: This is another area that requires more research, but there is currently evidence that suggests consumption of alcohol is a risk factor for periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease
  • Dental staining: Your teeth can become stained because the tannins in red and white wine build up on dental enamel. Drinks like beer and ale contain acid that can damage tooth enamel and promote staining.

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Like so many other things in life, moderation is the key when you are consuming alcohol. You can protect your oral health by being diligent with your oral hygiene and by remembering to brush and floss after you go out for an evening and indulge. Preventive visits for exams and cleanings are also critical for staying a step ahead of dental problems like periodontal disease. During these appointments, Dr. Michael Gostigian, our dentist in Bonita Springs, FL, will monitor your oral health and correct issues while they are still small and easy to treat.

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