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Three Things to Expect When Getting a Denture!

August 16, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Michael Gostigian
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Dentures are a great option for patients missing some or all of their teeth. Getting a denture seems simple; in practice, however, many patients are ill prepared for what it’s really like to wear a denture. It is not as simple as popping in the denture and going out for a steak dinner that evening. For most patients, there is an adjustment period.  

Three Things To Expect When Getting A Denture

  1. There is a learning curve to the denture
    • With a full denture, you will have to re-learn how to eat, speak, and function all over again. A denture is made of acrylic, and, if it is not anchored with implants, it will likely move around inside your mouth. Because of this, your tongue and cheek muscles must learn to adapt to the denture. This adaptation phase can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. If you just received your denture, it can take time before you start to get the hang of using it properly. Stick with it - it gets better!
  2. You will develop sore spots when you first receive the denture
    • This is very common.  If you do form a sore spot, contact your dentist and schedule an adjustment.  Continue to wear the denture the day of the appointment so your dentist can see where the sore spot is located to make the proper adjustment.  If you refuse to wear the denture, the sore spot will go away, and your dentist will have difficulty finding the exact spot to adjust.  Expect to have one to three denture adjustments after you receive your denture before it starts to feel comfortable.
  3. You will need to clean your dentures daily
    • Dentures require daily maintenance to avoid buildup of stains and other materials.  Any over the counter denture cleaner is effective. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to brush the denture using a non-abrasive cleanser and soft brush. Dentures are fragile, so fill your sink up with water or hold them over a towel to avoid dropping. Keep them stored in areas where pets cannot reach them. Avoid using stiff brushes and harsh toothpaste as these could damage your denture.

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