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What If My Temporary Crown Fell Off?

November 14, 2020
Posted By: Bonita Grande Dental
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A temporary dental crown allows you to smile with confidence while you await your permanent dental crown. And if your temporary crown loosens or falls off, it is typically not a dental emergency. In fact, you may be able to take care of the problem on your own, especially if it’s on the weekend or in the middle of the night.

When Your Temporary Tooth Crown Falls Off Near Bonita Springs

The first step is to check your temporary crown for breakage—in most cases, temporary crowns come away intact. However, if your dental crown is broken, you will need to contact your Bonita Springs dentist for a replacement.

If your crown does break on the weekend or after hours, it is okay to wait until business hours to contact our dental office. In the meantime, you should keep the treated tooth clean and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. If the tooth is sensitive, this is natural. You can typically take an over-the-counter pain reliever approved by your dentist if the sensitivity is ongoing.

In some cases, if the crown is not broken, you may be able to place the crown over your tooth without assistance. You can use toothpaste inside the crown to better secure the restoration. We recommend calling our dental office during business hours at (239) 301-2713 to let us know that you have placed the crown yourself. Again, we recommend not chewing with the capped tooth until you see your dentist.

Dr. Michael Gostigian Is Here For You at Bonita Grande Dental!

If you have questions or concerns about your temporary dental crown or experience a toothache or crown breakage—be sure to contact our dental office for further instructions.

We are always here for you and treat patients in all locations, including Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers Beach, Naples, and Sanibel.

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