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We provide patient-focused dentistry, which is about more than just high-quality care and effective treatments. Those are two very important parts of what we do, but what sets us apart from other practices is our commitment to your complete comfort and concern for your well-being. From the moment you first enter our Bonita Springs office, you’ll know that you’re not in an ordinary dental practice. First impressions are important, and every detail of our office reflects our desire to make your visits with us pleasant and free of stress. With amenities like complimentary beverages in our reception area and flat screen TVs in our treatment rooms, we know you’ll have one of the most relaxing dental visits you’ve ever experienced.

What are the different types of periodontal (gum) disease?

Woman smiling at her periodontal exam in Bonita SpringsGum disease is a bacterial infection that attacks the structures that hold your teeth in place including soft tissue, ligaments, and bone.

The two stages of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is usually indicated by tender or inflamed gums and gums that bleed easily when you brush. But at this stage, the teeth are still firmly rooted, and no bone loss or tissue damage has occurred.

Gum Disease Treatment in Bonita Springs, FL

If we don’t treat gingivitis, the infection continues to spread and the gums and bone separate from the teeth forming pockets. Debris collects in these small spaces and causes an infection. Your immune system tries to fight the infection as it spreads below the gum line. The pockets deepen, the bone and connective tissue that supports your teeth start to break down causing them to loosen, and tooth loss becomes a real possibility.

Gum disease is a widespread problem that affects millions of adults in the US, but the good news is that it’s largely preventable and treatable when caught in the earliest stages. Prevention includes brushing twice a day, flossing once, watching your intake of sugary foods and drinks, and visiting your dentist regularly.

At Bonita Grande Dental, we can show you how to avoid gum disease, and If you need periodontal treatment in Bonita Springs, we provide the gentle care you need. Please contact our Bonita Springs dentist office so we can check your oral health and help you avoid the complications of gum disease.

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