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We provide patient-focused dentistry, which is about more than just high-quality care and effective treatments. Those are two very important parts of what we do, but what sets us apart from other practices is our commitment to your complete comfort and concern for your well-being. From the moment you first enter our Bonita Springs office, you’ll know that you’re not in an ordinary dental practice. First impressions are important, and every detail of our office reflects our desire to make your visits with us pleasant and free of stress. With amenities like complimentary beverages in our reception area and flat screen TVs in our treatment rooms, we know you’ll have one of the most relaxing dental visits you’ve ever experienced.

What kind of treatment is used for gum infections?

At Bonita Grande Dental, we specialize in gum disease treatment in Bonita Springs. Because we understand that keeping healthy gums is as important as keeping healthy teeth, we do everything we can to restore our patients’ gums to optimal health if they’re living with periodontal disease. 

Periodontal Treatment at Bonita Grande Dental

Dentist in Bonita Springs treating patient with gum diseaseThe type of treatments we use for gum infections depends on the severity of the disease and how far it’s progressed. Early occurrences of gum disease, known as gingivitis, are usually easy to treat with a standard dental cleaning or two if you combine them with improved at-home habits, including brushing and flossing more diligently. 

If your gum disease becomes more advanced, however, we will treat it with at least one deep cleaning referred to as “scaling and root planing.” During this treatment, we need to go beneath the surface of your gums to clean your teeth and remove harmful tartar. Our hygienists use modern dental tools, including ultrasonic scalers, to effectively remove dangerous bacteria. 

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If you need to undergo a deep cleaning, we will always anesthetize the area first, so you do not feel anything. Dr. Gostigian will typically prescribe a round of antibiotics to take while your mouth heals and recovers from the scaling and root planing. We may repeat these deep cleanings every few months as part of our approach to periodontal treatment in Bonita Springs. Contact Bonita Grande Dental today to schedule a periodontal exam. 

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