Comfortable Dentistry in Bonita Springs, FL

Happy woman at dentist office in Bonita Springs, FLWhat would the ideal dental office look like to you? It would probably be a warm and inviting place that made you feel at home and not at all like you were in a dentist’s office.

At Bonita Grande Dental, we have the same vision! Dental care is serious and needs to be conducted under certain strict guidelines. But, that doesn’t mean our office has to look or feel sterile or unwelcoming. In fact, we believe the complete opposite is true!

The best dentistry is the type that serves all your needs, including (and especially) your comfort and well-being. That’s why every detail of your treatment is designed to put you at ease and make you feel pampered and secure.

Stress-Free Dental Treatments in the 34135 Area 

It’s common to be apprehensive about dental visits. People have many different reasons for their dental anxiety. It may be the smell of the office, the sound of a dental drill, or the fear of injections. No matter what your concern, we’ve got procedures in place to make sure that every experience you have with us is pleasant and stress free.

Dr. Gostigian and our team are very gentle and sensitive to your feelings. We’ll talk to you about your procedure and what you can expect. We’ll listen to your concerns so that we can tailor your treatment to fit your needs. Before we begin your procedure, we'll start by applying a topical numbing gel to the area to be treated. Dr. Gostigian is skilled at giving injections, and we can assure you that yours will be as quick and comfortable as possible.

If you’re very anxious and need a little extra help, we offer safe and effective nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Nitrous helps you relax and allows the noises and activity around you to fade into the background. There are no lingering after-effects, so after your procedure you’ll be able to resume your normal daily activities.

Oral sedation is another effective option if you feel that the nitrous oxide isn’t enough. Dr. Gostigian will prescribe a calming medication for you to take about an hour before your appointment, so you arrive at our office feeling relaxed. Because these medications stay in your system longer, you will need to arrange a driver to get you to and from your appointment.

A Calm and Soothing Environment at our Bonita Springs Dentist Office 

Dental patient smiling at our 34135 dentist officeFrom the moment you arrive at Bonita Grande Dental, you will know that you are not in a typical dental office. You may be surprised to see complimentary beverages like coffee and bottled water available in our reception area, but we believe the difference is in the details!

We offer many amenities to make your dental experiences more calming and relaxing, including complimentary beverages, flat screen TVs and earphones, heated massage chairs, pillows, blankets, and even warm scented towels. Your family’s comfort is our main priority.

If you’ve been avoiding dental treatment because of overwhelming anxiety, we would love the chance to show you the difference that gentle care in a warm, inviting environment can make. Please contact our Bonita Springs dental office to learn more about our comfortable personalized dentistry.