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Why Did We Recommend a Dental Crown or Bridge for You?

August 14, 2019
Posted By: Bonita Grande Dental
dental crown | dental bridge | bonita springs fl

One of the most valuable tools dentists use to help patients achieve their best smiles are dental restorations called crowns and bridges. Millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits that come with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth that function well.  

If you have a missing tooth or broken tooth that's too damaged to be repaired with a filling, your dental crowns and bridges dentist in Bonita Springs, FL has the solution you need. 

What Dental Crowns and Bridges Do

Crowns and bridges are often mentioned together because both are dental prosthetics that restore the appearance and healthy function of your smile. However, each serves a unique purpose.

You probably have at least one dental crown or know someone who does. Dental crowns are the perfect solution for broken teeth, extensive tooth decay, or other damage that requires more than a filling to fix. 

Today dentists design all-porcelain dental crowns that look every bit as realistic as a healthy natural tooth. This characteristic also allows your dentist to use dental crowns for cosmetic purposes such as concealing discolored or poorly proportioned teeth.

Dental bridges fill the gap in your smile after you lose a tooth. They are often made as a three-piece unit with an artificial tooth that sits in the gap and has dental crowns attached to either side. The crowns are then secured onto healthy adjacent teeth that provide support for the artificial tooth. Your new bridge restores the appearance of your smile and your ability to chew comfortably.

Please Call to Schedule a Dental Appointment

Dr. Michael Gostigian is an experienced dental crowns and bridges dentist in Bonita Springs, FL who uses modern, updated techniques to prepare stunning dental restorations. If you have broken teeth or gaps in your smile left by missing teeth, please call us to arrange a dental appointment to get started.

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