Tooth Extractions in Bonita Springs, FL

Woman covering her mouth with a piece of paper in Bonita Springs, FLAt the Bonita Springs dental practice of Dr. Michael Gostigian, we want our patients to enjoy their natural teeth for as long as possible. While there are oral health milestones that necessitate a tooth extraction, there are a variety of ways we can prevent or diagnose these problems while they are treatable. Through preventive and general dentistry, which are among our standard dental services, we prevent a multitude of oral health problems.

At Bonita Grande Dental, we offer preventive dentistry services like dental cleanings, exams, and more to keep your smile clean and healthy. Our dental restorations like dental crowns, help stabilize and protect weakened teeth, while our cosmetic services increase your beauty and attractiveness. When it comes to a compromised tooth, our first point of order is to save it, but some times extracting a tooth is the best thing we can do for your oral health.

Dr. Gostigian will only recommend tooth extraction in Bonita Springs for your dental well-being. Our entire dental staff works hard to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. After the dental extraction process, we offer tooth replacement options to restore your beautiful smile.

When Tooth Extractions in the 34135 Area are Necessary

At Bonita Grande Dental, we have one primary goal, and that is to provide our Bonita Springs patients with the types of dental treatments that restore and maintain their oral health. Removing a tooth is never our first choice. Still, unfortunately, there are circumstances when a dental extraction is the best option that protects your oral health and prevents major dental issues in the future. It's important to us that our patients feel confident and fully informed about any and all options that are available to them before we decide to do a tooth extraction. 

There are any number of reasons why Dr. Michael Gostigian may recommend removal of a tooth, including:

  • Wisdom teeth that can compromise surrounding teeth
  • Tooth decay that cannot be repaired with a root canal Infection in the gums or teeth that has gone too far
  • Tooth overcrowding broken teeth at or below the gum line
  • Preparing and making space for orthodontic treatment Illness
  • Impacted teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Stubborn baby teeth
  • Trauma from an accident
  • Damage or injury
  • A crooked tooth that compromises the health of surrounding teeth

Types of Dental Extractions

There are two kinds of dental extractions:

Simple extraction—A simple extraction means that Dr. Gostigian can extract the tooth from above the gum line with just the use of a local anesthetic. For patients who feel nervous prior to the dental procedure, we offer nitrous oxide to keep them relaxed and comfortable.

Surgical extraction—Dr. Gostigian may recommend this dental extraction if a tooth has not yet erupted beyond the gum line (like a wisdom tooth) or if a tooth has broken beneath the gum line, and your Bonita Springs dentist cannot access it easily. With this procedure, a surgical incision is made at the gum so your dentist can remove the tooth. We typically administer a local anesthetic, but there may be cases where we suggest general anesthesia.

When you come in for your dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Gostigian, we will be able to determine your general well-being and state of health. During this time, we hold space for our patients to ask any questions they may have or relieve any fears that come up. We understand that we can alleviate a lot of dental anxiety through patient education.

A dental extraction can seem terrifying until you realize what each step looks like, what you can expect to experience, and how much pain and discomfort there actually will be. Many patients, especially those who have had a previous bad experience with another dentist, tend to associate anything beyond a minimally invasive dental procedure with a great deal of pain. The fact is, we work hard to provide a gentle and straightforward environment for our Bonita Springs patients.

We ask all our patients to let anyone on our friendly dental staff know if they are experiencing fear, anxiety, or stress prior to any dental procedure—even a dental cleaning.

Adult Wisdom Teeth ExtractionsWoman at dental exam near Bonita Springs, FL

While not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth taken out when they start coming in, over time, Dr. Gostigian may still recommend it for their continued oral health. Your Bonita Springs dentist will perform a complete evaluation to accurately assess if there is enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt. If there is too much overcrowding, then the wisdom tooth can affect adjacent teeth, be painful, and misalign the smile.

As stated before, even patients who have room for wisdom teeth may consider getting them extracted simply due to their location. Wisdom teeth can be tough to keep clean, and they can attract cavities over time. Instead of continuously filling in cavities, your dentist may recommend removing the teeth altogether. When plaque and tartar are allowed to buildup, or if food particles get caught, you are at risk of tooth decay, gum disease, infection, or worse.

If at any point you feel sudden pain or discomfort, please call our Bonita Springs dental office immediately. If your wisdom tooth is impacted or is not erupting correctly, you may start experiencing severe tooth pain that will not go away if ignored.

When it comes to tooth, gum, or jaw pain—this is not a situation to “tough it out!” Call Bonita Grande Dental today to resolve your dental discomfort.

Our Bonita Springs Dentist Cares About Your Concerns

Dr. Gostigian has the skill and training necessary to perform gentle, comfortable tooth extractions. Everyone on our amazing dental team is here for you and any concerns you might have. We understand that a dental procedure like a tooth extraction can seem scary and intimidating, and we are here for you throughout each step of the process. 

If you’re a little intimidated about your visit, don’t worry! We’re used to helping our apprehensive patients, and we’ve stocked our office with loads of stress-reducing amenities like flat-screen TVs, pillows, and even warm scented towels to add comfort to your experience. We’ve found that our warm and gentle touch, along with genuine concern for our Bonita Springs patient’s comfort and peace of mind are usually all that’s needed to help them get through a procedure like a tooth extraction comfortably and with minimal stress.

If you are having a hard time relaxing, we offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation so you can have a stress-free dental procedure. 

Post-Procedure Recovery 

We typically perform dental extractions using local anesthesia, and we’ll use a high-strength numbing gel to make sure you’re completely numb before your injection. Dr. Gostigian is skilled at delivering injections that are as gentle and comfortable as possible.

A simple tooth extraction can heal fairly quickly relative to other dental procedures, and we'll send you home with a detailed after-care list of instructions that will advocate quick healing. Typically, we recommend the first couple of days after your tooth extraction to avoid hard or chewy foods and only eat soft foods, like yogurt and broth, anything that doesn’t need chewing. Contrary to popular belief, drinking through a straw is cautioned against because the act of sucking can break sutures and increase the risk of bleeding or getting dry socket.

Contact Our Dentist Office in Bonita Springs to Relieve Tooth Pain

If you’re concerned about the condition of a tooth that’s creating pain and discomfort, please call us to schedule an examination.

We are also here if you have a dental emergency, so please call our Bonita Springs dental office if you are experiencing sudden sharp, throbbing, or unrelenting pain. We can relieve your pain as soon as possible, so you don't need to suffer.